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10 Trendy Fashion Bloggers from Cape Town to Follow

by Lars van

Whether you’re an avid blog reader or enjoy blogging yourself, take some time out and discover these trendy and talented fashion bloggers from Cape Town.

The Pretty Blog

Found in 2010 by photographer Christine Meintjies, The Pretty Blog is the go-to for all your bridal, décor and style needs. The blog showcases the best ideas in bridal, décor, food, fashion and travel and has become the daily read of thousands of women locally and globally with more than 84,000 followers. The Pretty Blog showcases everything from recipes and restaurants to real weddings and quirky DIY. You can also shop for designer stationery on The Pretty Shop and find some great vendors on their wedding services directory.

Miss Moss

Diana Moss is the creative force behind Miss Moss, a blog about fashion, art, photography, interior design and more. A graphic designer by profession, Diana started her blog to share her love of visual treasures in the creative field. Diana opts to showcase things that she truly loves, whether it be a vintage garment or a fascinating painting by an artist she has discovered, so you can always be assured of honest and informed content.

Mr Lee Fraser

Born and raised in the east coast town of Port Elizabeth, Mr Lee Fraser currently lives and works in Cape Town as a stylist, blogger and brand ambassador. He offers great style advice and photography on everything from men’s fashion and grooming to local food and travel across his website and social media handles. Lee is passionate about urban streetwear but also loves switching things up with color and print. He regularly works with local and international fashion brands like Cotton On, Markham and Rayban to bring you the coolest men’s fashion.

Fashion Breed

Former flight attendant Aqeelah Harron Ally shares her inspiration, thoughts and creativity through her popular blog Fashion Breed. Aqeelah has an innate understanding of style and a unique talent for putting together trendy ensembles, whether it is a laid-back cardigan and jeans or a high-end feather skirt teamed with a blouse and heels. If you want to keep up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends, you’ll love this blog.

Birdline Blog

Nadia Jahfta is the spunky creative director of Birdline Blog. A freelance stylist, blogger, and Film and Media graduate, Nadia shares her journey through life with a focus on fashion, beauty, health and travel. She has a keen sense of style and showcases the latest trends with the vibrant city as her backdrop. Nadia also runs her own fashion label called Strada Chic, which offers sexy yet sophisticated pieces from an online store. If you’re ever in need of style advice or the perfect outfit for a night out, head on over to Birdline Blog.

SA Fashion Girl

The founder of SA Fashion Girl, Sherri-Lee Greenway is a fashion design graduate with a penchant for grunge-inspired outfits and brightly colored hair. She also has a knack for make-up, styling and photography, and blogs about these passions on her website. Sherri-Lee loves experimenting with fashion and beauty, resulting in quirky outfit posts as well as her latest beauty favorites and places to shop.


Liezel Malherbe is the founder and editor of 9Lives, a popular South African lifestyle blog aimed at women. With a fanbase of over 20,000 readers, the site is an essential guide to fashion, beauty, food, health and cultural happenings around the city. So if you’re looking for the best places to stay, beauty tips, where to eat comfort food, or how to emulate Cape Town’s cool urban style, check out her blog for inspiration.

Lanalou Style

With a background in fashion and interior design, Lana blogs and runs her own creative business specializing in photography and website design. Her blog, Lanalou Style, focuses on showcasing the beauty of the Mother City and all the wonderful things it has to offer, from beautiful Victorian architecture to local fashion brands, charming cafés and quirky interior stores. You can also find tips and ideas on how to update your wardrobe, eat healthily and decorate your home. Check out her What’s On page for the latest events in and around Cape Town.

The Minimale Blogger

The Minimale Blogger is centered on founder Rebecca Arendse’s minimalist approach to life with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Her unique concept is a breath of fresh air amidst the overpopulated blogosphere. With this in mind, Rebecca documents her interests in fashion, beauty, travel, food and interiors with captivating photographs and reviews. Her chic and feminine outfits emphasize clean lines and soft fabrics, encouraging the notion of beauty in simplicity.

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