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Fashion Bloggers From Bogota You Need to Follow Right Now

by Lars van

Bogotá is quickly becoming one of Latin America’s fashion hubs, with a large number of fashion designers calling the city home. This growth in popular fashion, has influenced a number of individuals to study and gain a passion for fashion. Many have even started fashion blogs, to showcase their knowledge and opinions.

Pepa Maria

Pepa Maria is a fashion blog run by Isabel Riascos, an economist, consultant and fashion writer from Bogotá. Isabel’s blog has been considered one of the top nine fashion blogs in Colombia, and the blog has won numerous awards, two of the most notable are the Best Fashion Blog of Vallecaucana 2016 and she was nominated for Afro-Colombian of the year in 2012. Isabel is a socio-cultural fashion phenomenon, journalist at El Spectador and studied at Bogotá’s University of Javeriana, she has also lived in Europe, USA and Colombia. Her blog offers fashion news, advice and has a following of over 11,000 on social media.

Mónica Valbuena Hernández

Mónica Valbuena Hernández is a PR expert who has a passion for fashion and has worked within the industry for over 10 years. Mónica is a fashion designer and writer – she designs shoes and writes about fashion styles and trends on her blog. Mónica runs a communication office, along with her popular blog MetroLab.

Fashion Giver

Fashion Giver is run by Andy from Bogotá, a student studying graphic design at Pontificia Bolivariana University, specialising in merchandising and fashion. Andy is using his blog to help people realise the passion of fashion, though his words, thoughts and pop culture. He believes fashion has the ability to change someones mood and give people hope. He is currently working for a fashion company in Bogotá while he is completing his studies.

Iconca Style

Iconca Style is a fashion blog run and owned by Tatiana Moreno, a fashion insider, fashion expert, stylist, blogger and personal shopper. Her blog boasts fashion advice, styles and opinions. Along with beauty, style, styling tips, events and fashion industry information. Tatiana has over 11,000 social media followers, who actively take her advice and follow her every move.

Fashion Memories

Fashion Memories is a fashion blog run by Loren Barake, from Bogotá. Loren is devoted to all aspects of fashion, she studied fashion design in Paris, and got a masters in retail buying in Florence. She is currently living in Milan, and is continually inspired by fashion everyday. Her blog contains information regarding pictures, trends and Colombian fashion.

Adriana Convers

Adriana Convers is a publicist and personal shopper, who specialises in marketing and communications. She has been a blogger for 4 years, specialising in fashion, beauty, trends in all women. Adriana displays fashion guidance for women of all weights and heights, without discrimination. Adriana shows women that fashion isn’t the enemy, and individuals shouldn’t give up on fashion. Her blog Fat Pandora has a following of over 25,000 on social media.

De La Moda y Otros Demonios

De La Moda y Otros Demonios or fashion and other demons, is a popular fashion blog with over 50,000 social media followers, run by Ita Maria. Ita Maria is a fashion blogger and economist, who specialises in mixed trends, opinion articles, outfits, fashion news, beauty and reviews. Her blog offers reviews of fashion brands, carefully crafted articles and up to date Colombian fashion news.

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